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So this game is real good and full of neat ideas... but.

This I assume final puzzle/encounter is just plain badly done and I don't know if I'll finish it. I think you perhaps may be so familiar with every sprite in the game that it is hard to evaluate on your end but requiring the player to basically make 25 or so correct randomized choices (that seem to get progressively harder) in a row without making a single error is bonkers, especially given that really nothing in the rest of the game prepares you for it or really asks much of you in terms of fail states or reaction time. As is I put well over a half hour into this (might be over 45 minutes actually), my wrist hurts and I'm considering just youtubing the ending.

It is probably too late to fix here but in a future game if you consider doing something similar you really should either make it much shorter (a dozen would get the same point across), give the player multiple "hits" or add in checkpoints.


Thank you for your feedback; it is a little late to fix/tweak this, since Polymute's probably not going to be getting much in the way of future updates at this point (in fact I've released a whole other game since releasing this! Time sure flies). Still, I appreciate the difficulty being brought to my attention, and I'll try to make my future projects more lenient.

I'm not sure if this will help at all, but as a note, the boss "timer" pauses when in the menu, meaning you have as much time as you'd like while in there to try to figure out what to turn into, though if that doesn't help Youtubing the ending is certainly an option too.


Happier ending: I did manage to finally get past it as the RNG took pity on me near the end (putting on my wrist support also didn't hurt), total time on it took almost exactly one hour. 

The game seemed to be in a rather finished state so I think it is more than reasonable to leave it as-is, I just felt I should point it out as I thought the body of the game was a legit hidden gem. The pacing of giving new forms, the secrets, the various puzzles built around the main mechanic were all rather well realized, some of it is a bit rough around the edges but I'd unreservedly call it a true pleasant surprise of a game. It's what made ending on what felt like to me at least an unforced error (FWIW I think the concept of the final confrontation is pretty good) a bit of a downer. Or to put it another way, if I thought that most of the game wasn't pretty good I wouldn't care enough to bother pointing out the bits that felt like they needed a bit more fine tuning.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to read and reply, and I'll likely take a glance at your most recent game in the near future as this game showed that you are capable of putting together something rather creative.


I enjoyed Polymute so much I added it to my Hidden Gems Series :)

A like/subscribe would be a huge help to continue these. <3 Enjoy your day!


This game is an absolute blast and filled to the brim with new and unique gameplay ideas. I frequently come back to check up and see what else the developer is up to. 


Freaking amazing game! The puzzles, the world, the funny characters and different species, it's all amazing. 

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!


Unfortunately the game glitched once I got the Chameleon potion. Now I can't talk to any of the NPCs.

That is unfortunate! Is that the extent of the glitching? Also, did you unpack the game executable from the .zip file it was in/did you put the game down and come back to it afterwards? That can affect save data sometimes.

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I believe that was it, glitch-wise. I did unpack the game, and it had worked fine before oer multiple saves. I have started the game over, and thankfully it's easy to get back where I was since I know how to solve the puzzles and I know where everything is.

Also, I'm really enjoying the game so far! The music's soothing, the art's nice, and there's so much to remember that I feel challenged, despite the simplicity of the puzzles. So many things to do, all the time! I'm glad this was in the Racial Justice bundle, or I'd have never heard of this little gem.

I'm glad you're enjoying it, and I'm sorry that you ultimately restarted! Thank you for giving it that second chance though! I'll have a look and see if I can sort out that bug, too, just for the future. Let me know if anything else funky happens!

The game glitched again. Couldn't talk to NPCs in the room I loaded in. quit the game in a different room and went back, and I could talk to them again.
And then all the puzzles in the Catacombs reset, which included the thieving archeologists. I got my wand stolen after I got it back, and then I couldn't get it back again from the Lich. Might have to start over again if I can't get the Lich to reset too.

Did it glitch at the same place, or was it under different circumstances this time?


It would be really useful if SPACE could be a permanent shortcut for Transform. Currently, space does nothing if you have talk or examine selected; it only does something if you've selected transform, so why not make it constantly "act as" transform??

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bug/glitch: I found 5 tablets, then closed the game for the night. When I boot it back up the next day, my progress was properly saved, but all the collected tablets respawned!

I re-collected 3 of them, and am now at 8/7 tablet. This either means I'll be able to cheese the tablet requirement, or I'll still need to collect the missing two without a clear way to know which are missing (besides remembering which were collected based on their location)

p.s. a map would be handy... ._.

update: I think it caused a lot of things to glitch...

A LOT of dialogues just don't appear or are replaced with "not very talkative"...

I think I'll have to start a new game :<

Welp! I'm sorry about that! No idea what could be causing those issues! I'll have a look and see if I can do anything to help remedy the situation on my end. My best guess is that the file that deals with certain objects respawning/not respawning in game got deleted/corrupted somehow. 

As for the SPACE/transform idea, I'll consider it! I thought that SPACE also did something if you moused over an object with an action that wasn't transform selected, but I guess that's not the case! Hopefully the issues haven't ruined the game for you, and again, I'm sorry that this has happened!

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I need help in the

[If hide tags were available, they'd start here]

Shadow puzzle. The one where you need to match the shadow, after the king's game. I'm fairly certain it's the gemerald monolith, but I can't seem to trigger the puzzle. What exactly do I have to do? Did I get the right object in the first place?

[If hide tags were available, they'd end here]

[If hide tags were available, they'd start here]

If it's the one inside the Spire (purple area) it's probably not the Monolith, because as far as I can tell, the shadow can't be the Monolith. However, yes, it should be a form that you already have, that was required for you to get to that point. All you should have to do is approach the shadow with the right form and it'll open the path. My best guess is to try either the Mirror form, or the Egg form.

[If hide tags were available, they'd end here]

Let me know if this helps!


Turns out it was the egg. I'm an idiot.

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Wow, this game gave me more than I was expecting! I thought it would be a short affair, but it's length and ingenuity are a welcome surprise :) Nice job!

I do have a problem, though: I can't find the deluxe magical boots! I saw the hint a few comments down, but haven't figured it out yet. I've looked in the Shroomish Marsh as an eye, I have the Seeing Stone and everything. Is it on a different screen, or am I missing something? 

No, it should definitely be in the Marsh! Or, the place to obtain them, anyway. It's a bit more in-depth than just picking them up. Check the South-West portion of the area, particularly looking for the Mushroom Cobbler.

Thank you for the kinda words btw! I'm so glad you've been enjoying my game!


Ahhhh gotcha! Thanks for the quick answer.

I've completed the game since my previous comment, it's been really cool. Time to explore for some more secrets!


For some reason some of the puzzles reset and now I'm stuck behind the first barrier with the wizards skull and can't access the surface at all now

Huh. That's weird! No idea what's up with that. If you'd like to go back through the intro/tutorial bit again, open up the game's files (should be in local appdata, look for "Transmute Deluxe"), go into the Options.ini file (you can open it up with notepad or a text editor), and look for the Respawn option. Then, set the x value to 1408, and the y value to 384. If you save that, and then reopen the game, you should start back at the very beginning (but with no forms lost) so you can re-open the puzzles as necessary. Hope this helps a bit!


Alright I'll try that, thank you very much and keep up the good work

I'm not entirely sure how potion making works, I've picked up ingredients and I'm not sure what to do?

Do they just combine automatically if I have the right ingredients and I'm in the right form?

No, you'll need to find a way to combine them! Like a cauldron, for instance!


This game was completely amazing, it took me a couple days playing on and off to finish but it was really fun, and i plan on playing some of your other games two. One question though, do you save everyone in the ending where you collect everything?

I would say yes, you do save everyone, though it's left sort of ambiguous isn't it? I'm you enjoyed the game, by the way! I'd recommend Transmute next (since it's sort of linked to this one).


Yeah i felt like i did save the ruins but they weren't the same, meaning that the people there wouldn't be the same, idk but I will start playing transmute. :)


Love this game, thank you


I've just finished and uploaded an 100% completion + true ending speedrun of this game. This is my first ever attempt at speedrunning *anything*, but I adore this game and thought it would be fun. I suspect my time (about 35 minutes) is pretty easily beatable, but I'm calling it a world record because I can't find any other speedruns, haha. 


Congrats!! Never thought people would try to speedrun my games! I think my best time is just under half an hour, but since I've never recorded it, I do think you have the record for now! Well done!


This took the entire day to beat but it was worth it :D
Thanks for making this amazing game!


This is an absolutely amazing game! I'm really immersed in it right now.

I'm glad you're enjoying it!! Thanks for reaching out!


I got here thanks to the on-going  bundle :)


You did such a fantastic job on this game, I loved every minute of it!

So glad you enjoyed it!

Superb game, played it to completion in 1 sitting (getting the 3 magic items ending). The golden wand puzzle was hard! Only encountered 1 glitch: the frog that carries you across the river as a mushroom in the beginning of the game got stuck forever walking downward, through a wall and off the screen before teleporting back and repeating. Not game breaking at all, though. Very fun!

Huh. That's a new one! I'll look into that. Glad you enjoyed, and congrats on the ending!! It's meant to be difficult, but it seems like you figured it out in the end!

This game is great, but I've become stuck in the mouse king. (transformed into a dif form from snake form on top of mouse king's original spot) I need help! I have a full bestiary and everything! I do not want to have to replay the whole game


I can help! You'll have to find the game's files though. It'll probably be in your program files/local appdata, and it should be called "Transmute_Deluxe2." Once you find the file, open it up and open "Options.ini" in a text editing program. Notepad works just fine for this. Look for the option labelled "[Respawn]" and add about 16 to whatever the y value is. Then, save the document, reopen the game, and you should be in the clear! So so sorry that this happened, and I hope this helps!


Also, I just did a little bugfixing, so if you want to download the latest version of the game and boot it up, you should be able to transform out of that situation now, even without going into your files!


Thanks! I just finished the game 100% and have to say that it was a lovely experience. One of the more unique and charming indie games I've played in recent years!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and that you got 100%! Congrats!


This game is a gem! I'm about an hour in, and I'm enjoying the gameplay and the overall atmosphere quite a lot.

So apparently this is a thing. I got all forms and yet the first time finishing it I didn't get 65/65

I also was wondering if the curious pawn near the throne room is a red hearing or did I miss a puzzle there?

First off, congrats on the completion! The curious pawn is a small hint about where to get the Fish form/figure out the third guard's riddle in the Zoo, so not a red herring, but maybe not related to what you were thinking! If you're looking for the final form, I think you missed a specific secret one. Try going back to the Lookout Point at the very beginning!

That's the thing, I did not miss it, that's why I had the Bestiary in the screenshot to show I had completed all forms. Had I not had the 65 forms I would have not gotten the Bestiary, (I tried). I finished the game twice with 100% and it seems the first time you finish it you always get 64/65. Funny enough if I finished it again I get 65/65. This had happened to me twice and it also happened to Ghast in his run.

Around minute 16:20 Ghast gets the the form he was missing to get all 65. However at 1:10:19 you can see de 64/64 and hear him complain about getting 64/65 despite having all forms. As I said this happened to me twice in 100% runs.

Huh, that is weird. I hadn't realized that was a thing! Guess I'll go check that out!

Wait no, I thought I fixed this! You're playing on the latest version of the game I assume?

Great game, I was wondering, are there multiple endings? I'm under the impression that I'd get a more optimistic ending if I found every green tablet.

There are multiple endings, yes! And that is certainly a step to getting one of them, though I won't spoil the exact process!


really creative game! loved the presentation and music. it might have been previously mentioned, but the forms menu really needs a "form name" tool tip. it's hard to distinguish between the forms because of their low resolution and how many you acquire. that was my only gripe. everything else was very enjoyable. kudos!


Thanks so much! I'll bear the form tooltip idea in mind if I ever get around to updating the game again!

Well, I've reached the final (I think?) area, though there are still things along the way I haven't solved - I have no clue how to obtain the golden wand, and while I unlocked the Moon Pool, I have no idea how I've done it. Any hints?


Well, the Moon Pool unlocks once you complete the Bestiary (I think) though it's honestly just a dev room. As for the golden wand, that's a big ol' secret, so I don't know how much I want to share. I will say, though, that the clues to start you on your way are in places you've presumably already been, and you'll have to think outside the box (or be lucky) to reach your end goal.

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I think I have an idea, but I've managed to get myself stuck inside the Mouse King and unable to transform into a snake to scare him off again. And then I misclicked on New Game. I'm not sure if I have it in me to replay everything from the start, sadly. (Maybe some sort of confirmation would be good there?)

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that the wand the Mouse King has is nothing but a red herring and I think I know what the big ol' secret is, thanks!

Update: Replaying turned out to not be that much of a hassle, knowing what to do and in what order makes a huge difference.

Still not sure how to get the Golden Wand - I've been attempting the path of snakes and shields, but I can't get it to work. Adjusting for the difference in how the maze works doesn't seem to do anything, and neither does mirroring the directions, so I'm completely stumped.

Again, you're on the right track, but you may be relying on the wrong hints. Try looking around in Monster Town and the Dragon's Lair. There may be something helpful there if you can find it. Also, sorry about the bug and then restarting! I think I have an idea what might have caused you to get stuck, but I'm not 100% sure. Guess I'll have to look around!

I enjoyed this game so much! The aesthetic of it, the characters, and the puzzle transformations were fun, and really made me think. I seem to be doing the secret solution to the final maze wrong, even though I've played Tower of Garax, so that's frustrating. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong?

I can't say if you're doing it wrong or not without knowing what you've been doing, but it seems like you're on the right track? If in doubt, look for hints in one game that correspond to things in the other. That may get you on your way.


so not to be picky but have you considered having checkpoints for that final encounter, because I don't think I can handle repeating the entire thing over and over again for how ever many more dozen attempts it's going to wind up taking me to get through it

I'll consider it, sure! May not add them for a bit, but I'll see what I can do


alternately, even just giving more time to react would help a lot probably

I think I'm stumped; can I ask for some hints? I have the deluxe magical boots, an eye-shaped gem, 6 tablets (though I have no idea what they're for), I've made the chameleon potion (and used it for something), and the invisibility potion (which I haven't found a use for). There's one mysterious room near the beginning of the game that I haven't found a use for, and another room with a glittering barrier that hasn't yielded to any of my ideas for how to cross it...

I'm not sure how much more specific to get; are there any obvious things that I should be thinking about at this point in the game? (I've forgotten a few things that I've since rediscovered through wandering, but I've been wandering long enough now that I think I might actually be stumped...)

If you have the eye-shaped gem, your next goal should be finding a way to upgrade it. See if you can find someone in Monster Town to help. You'll need the ability to fly though!

Hi, I've found myself in the same situation (except not so many tablets). What/Where is monster town? I've been everywhere, I think, and don't remember seeing that name pop up.

Aside from being stumped at this point I'm really enjoying the game. I've figured out what to do and haven't felt lost until now.


Monster town is south from the Herb Garden! Follow the river down from that room and you'll end up in a place called the Shroomish Marsh. After that, go east, and you'll get to Monster Town! Hope this helps!


Thanks a bunch, I've finished it now... what a crazy game!

Bug report with the puzzle to get the lace root: I had figured out the form to assume, but not the color to assume, so I decided I would just try all 7 colors; but as soon as I was in the right form, talking to the person guarding the garden made them say the line about "you solved my riddle", even though they hadn't moved. They didn't move until I changed my color to purple... although that was the color that I started the game in, which seems like it might be a bug? (Why even ask me to be a particular color if I'm that way automatically? Plus I don't remember the effigy being that color, although I'm not certain that what I'm thinking of was the effigy, so I'm not certain about that part.)

I couldn't get out of the catacombs so i closed and reopened the game, and my save was deleted. Not really sure if I should keep playing.

Huh. That's... ...Not supposed to happen. Why couldn't you get out of the catacombs?

Also, if you want to post screenshots or anything to help me figure out why you might be having those issues, I'd be happy to see what I can do!

I've decided to play through the whole game again and I got past the point. Did you set it up so that you have to talk to the cyan nose before you can leave the catacombs without getting robbed?  Because thats most likely why. This game is great either way :)

You should only get robbed once in the catacombs, when you're going in, which takes away your ability to transform until later on when you get it back. I don't know if that's what happened for you, but you shouldn't be being robbed again when you leave the area. Regardless, glad you've enjoyed it!

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Okay I didn't download any update, i think every barrier/puzzle got reset maybe. And I did notice that in the spire, even though it saved in the boss room all the puzzles to get there were reset. Fortunately they could be solved conventionally from the other side.

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Oh well, I had a lot of fun playing this and I hope I can complete it and find everything. Best game played in a while.

New challenge: complete the game backwards

Huh. Maybe there's something to reset them after the boss? That's really weird. I'll have a look and see what I can find I suppose!

Or maybe the Objects.ini folder in the game files got deleted somehow? I don't know how it would have been, but that's what stores all the puzzle solving. If it got deleted, things would get reset... 

No, it's still there.

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Is there any way to get out of the Spire??

And at the end do I just have to close the game?

There should be a way to get out of the spire! There's either a teleport in and out (which you have to unlock) or you can go out the main doorway I think. If you're stuck inside for some reason, send screenshots and I'll help as best I can!

Also, at the end you do just close the game. However, it should save just before the boss, so you can do anything else you want in the game after you beat it.

The barrier in the main entrance reappeared and I'm stuck.

Huh. That's a new one. That shouldn't be happening, I can assure you. Did you download an update to the game after creating the file, by any chance? That may have screwed something up if so, but otherwise I'm at a loss for why that's happening. You may have to edit your position in the game's save data to get back outside.

First, close the game. Go into your local appdata and look for the game's file. It may either be labelled "Polymute" or "Transmute_Deluxe2". When you find it, open it up and go into the "Options.ini" file. Look for the setting labelled "Respawn."
Once you find it, set the x value to 2464 and the y value to 1176. Save and close the file, and then run the game. You should then be back outside the spire.

Sorry about having to give you a back-end solution, but I'll see if I can find out why that's happened.

Ok, thank you I'll try that!


Yeah, I'm out now.

Did I really mess up forever the fuse puzzle with the three golems? is there any way to redo it?

Unfortunately no, that's beansed for good.


Ok, just seems weird to have missables in this kind of game, in the end I edited my save's player position to get the treasure and get out.

Yeah, that's the only one really unless you miss getting a form somewhere along the line. I could potentially add a way for the puzzle to reset, but it'd take a bit of doing.

I love the game so far, but I've been stuck in the Clockwork Complex/Underground Lair part for a while now. I've been (i think) everywhere, and I can't find what I have to do. I'm probably just small brain though.

I've saved the elephant already and don't know what cold thing to give him.

See if you can find some Ice!

Thank you, that helped! But now I can't find the way into the Catacombs to get the Norn Leaf :( I'll search some walkthrough

Is there a way to easily undo the effects of an invisibility potion?

Couldn't figure out its use and it prevents me from accessing certain areas requiring guards to see me... :o

If you drink another potion it should cancel the effects! You can either brew another one, or drink a pre-made one elsewhere.

Love this, it feels very affectionately crafted. The story also actually gets pretty interesting later on. But I'm so frustrated that I can't figure out the last few things in the game. Could you please drop a hint on where to find the magic boots? What's the Lace Root for? And what's going on in the crystal cairn, because I have the crown and wand, yet nothing happens. These things keep me up at night.

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Thank you for the kind words! The Magic Boots can be found near the Shroomish Marsh. Look around very carefully! The Lace Root will come after that, as you may discover. Also, if you have the crown, then the Crystal Cairn is done; you'll get something special when you finish the game though. Also, out of curiosity, did you find the Gold Wand, or the just the Transformation Wand?


Thanks for the help, I found the boots . Though now that you mention it, I only have the basic wand and there are still a few hints scattered in the game, which I haven't used: 1. "Go east in the Starlit Observatory."  2. "Go west path both hammer and sentry". Also, as I understand it, if I enter the final maze with the wand, something will happen?  Aaah, I feel like I'm so close to solving it

You're on the right track, but you may need to think outside the box to figure it out!


Did it, wow that's tricky. And tbh I never would've figured it out, if you hadn't mentioned somewhere, where to look (can't remember, where I read that). It's kind of unreasonable, but then again it's not like the player's enjoyment depends on whether or not they can solve this ultimate puzzle. So yeah, loved the game. 5/5 and I look forward to your next project :)

I think I got stuck. I got stuck on the shore in boat form and now I don't think I have a way of getting out of this position. Any advice?


Oh jeez, that's an oversight on my end. I'll fix that asap!


Okay, I've pushed a quick hotfix update; if you download it, you should be able to get out of that jam. If you still can't, let me know!

That fixed it! Thank you for the quick response.

No problem! Thanks for letting me know!

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Looks to be a very fun puzzle game. I suspect I'll have trouble with the word puzzles, but it looks like a great challenge.

You may want to consider adding a way to access the Form Menu with the mouse. Either make the toolbar clickable, or map the middle mouse button to it. Then the game would be playable with only the mouse. (I ended up mapping a mouse button to Tab using AutoHotKey, it works really well.)


That's actually not a bad idea! I may just do that! Thank you!


Such a cute, retro-influenced game!! The characters have a lot of charm, and it's really calming to play

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you're enjoying it!


just need to find one more emerald tablet...!


I'm enjoying this a lot so far! The puzzles / transforming mechanics are really clever and the art & dialog are lovely. Can't wait to keep playing.


I beat it! This game is really solid - there's an amazing amount of narrative & puzzle content (a lot more than I expected, honestly) and it all comes together so well. Beautifully done. Here's my playthrough:

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