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Serpent Lair is a roguelike adventure through a reptile and amphibian infested dungeon. Can your small serpentine adventurer recover the Elixer of Life from the depths of Ouroboria and escape the dreaded Nidhog? 

In this game, you travel through various areas of a dungeon, collecting loot, battling monsters, casting spells, and (hopefully) escaping to tell the tale! 

To play, use WASD and E to move and interact with items. Your movement speed is determined by your speed stat, but when outside of combat you'll move at maximum speed. Otherwise, you'll most likely slow down in combat scenarios or around certain dungeon features. More specific instructions can be found in the game itself, and default keys can be rebound if necessary!

This game was made for Devtober 2018, and was therefore developed over the course of a month.


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