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That is the cutest elephant sprite and animations. I love it!

Thank you! I'm glad you like them!!


Cool, but I carried that statue half all the way to the plinth, and placed it on the side of the screen and it disappeared :(


Noted! Might be something with how the blocks despawn. I'll look into it.


The way he waddles up the stairs ;3; I cry. Best game 10/10 would buy merch of the elephant puppper


this is cute! i like the yellow pipe motif, it's clean but iconic. i wish the controls were a little more responsive


Cute demo, I like the idea behind it. My only problems:

- the slow movement of the player actions/movement - it make me just hold the button and wait for a long time

- climbing needs W and R, I think it should be directly happen when you walk toward the area to climb without W since you can't push objects around. If you can push objects around then it make sense in its current form.

Thanks a lot for supporting HTML version of the game :)