Screen Resizing/Other Minor Updates

Hey all!

Pushing a small update in response to some feedback from the Itch summer sale! It's nothing major, but there're a few changes, which I'll list below:

  • Removed some dev buttons that did various things in-game (notably one that deleted all NPCs/items, and one that generated cataclysms when pressed). These functions may return in a future update, but will most likely become text commands if they do.
  • Added the ability for the player to resize the game window, for their convenience.
  • Added the "fullscreen" command, which switches the game between windowed and fullscreen modes. The current default is windowed mode.

I hope you all are enjoying/have enjoyed Galdyr so far; I'm toying with the idea of a larger scale update in the future, but we'll see how motivated I'm feeling! For now, enjoy the water and the waves, and also the summer sun!



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Jun 25, 2021

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