Version 1.2 Update

Hi all! I'm releasing a small content update for Galdyr today, as well as releasing a few bugfixes and tweaks that may be helpful. The manual has also been updated to include info regarding new additions to the game, so give that a look if you're interested! Enjoy!

Galdyr v1.2:

  • Fixed island generation command not always working ("Generation failure!").
  • Fixed bug where multiple islands could be generated on top of eachother/loaded onto eachother. Now islands will be reset upon
    loading a save/generating an island or a preset.
  • Added new tropical and frozen island variants. Island types can be toggled by typing TROPIC or ICEAGE into the command prompt. These islands
    are effectively always summer or always spring/winter respectively, with some additional tweaks to dragons for the tropical islands. See the manual for more details.
  • Added icebergs, which can be found in winter/on frozen islands. These contain goodies, food, goats, and sometimes special humans when melted.
  • Added four preset islands, which can be found in the game's folder as Preset1.ini, Preset2.ini, Preset3.ini, and Preset4.ini. These can be loaded into
    the game by typing PRESET1, PRESET2, PRESET3, or PRESET4 into the command prompt. See the manual for more details.


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Oct 08, 2021

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