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This is Monster Masher, a small game about mashing Monsters together to get new ones! This is a super small project, so we'll see if anything comes of it, but there are a few things you can do in the current build.


Right Mouse:
Using Right Mouse on Monsters will Select or De-Select them. Selected Monsters can be given items/fed, and fused with non-selected monsters; if a Monster is selected, an indicator will appear above it, and you won't be able to drag the Monster with Left Mouse until it is de-selected. Multiple Monsters can be selected at once.
Left Mouse:
Used to drag Items from the two bins in the bottom right of the screen, and Monsters from the door in the bottom left. Dragging monsters back into the door removes them, and dragging items into the trashcan beside the door will similarly destroy the items.
Using Left Mouse on selected Monsters will check their Status. Monsters must be fed meat and kept entertained with items, or else they will eventually become unhappy and run away.


Monsters will often grow Hungry if left without food. Giving Monsters Meat will reduce their hunger. However, giving Monsters too much food will make them sick. If a Monster becomes sick from overeating, giving them Medicine will restore them. Using non-food items on Monsters will often make them hungry, but will also make them happy, and potentially do other things...
Giving Monsters Items will often make them Happy. Balls, Balloons, and Dumbells will increase a Monster's happiness. If a Monster is sick, tired, or hungry, they will slowly become unhappy. When a Monster's happiness runs out, they will run away, leaving a note behind. Checking a selected Monster's Status is a good way to see how happy/hungry they are at a given time.
Selected Monsters can sometimes Fuse with other Monsters by dragging other Monsters into them. Fusions make the resulting Monster happier, and may raise their Rarity value. They also create different, normally unobtainable Monsters; try to see how many you can discover!
Monsters are generated with a defined Rarity value, which is indicated by their appearance. Rarer Monsters can shine, may appear golden, or have shift between colors. Taking Medicine may increase a Monster's rarity, as will fusing it with other Monsters, or Monsters of the same type.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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