A downloadable game for Windows

I've released a sequel to this game, called Strike II: Return to the Crypt! If you enjoy this game, give the second one a look as well!

In STRIKE: In the Crystal Crypt, play as a lone adventurer with rocket-propelled fists! Try to delve into the depths of the Crypt, and claim its treasure as your own! Beware though, for the guardians of the crypt are dangerous, and will not take your intrusion lightly!

This game was made by Ben Maksym in 48 hours for the 2017 Game Maker's Toolkit Gamejam.


WASD or the Arrow Keys to move (WASD is recommended)
Mouse to aim
Left Mouse to fire Left Fist
Right Mouse to fire Right Fist
Holding down either Mouse Button will charge an attack up
SPACE while holding down either Mouse Button and moving with WASD or the Arrow Keys will perform a dodge in the direction of movement
ESC will close the game

To progress, destroy all enemies on a room, then destroy one of the crystals that pop up to move on.

Your life is indicated by how much smoke your character is emitting. If they're on fire, you can only take one more hit!

If you die, you will lose a life, indicated by the crystals following your character throughout the game. If you lose three lives on a level, you will be sent back one stage and have to make back lost progress. However, each completed stage will also give you one more life.




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nice and fun game :D