"You have journeyed to the dreaded Crystal Spire of Gargax in hopes of defeating the evil Warlock in combat! But have you come too late? By midnight, Gargax will become a God! Can you climb his tower and stop his ritual before all is lost?"

Tower of Gargax is a small adventure game made in Bitsy, a tool made by @adamledoux. In the game, you attempt to solve puzzles as you ascend a tower, encountering magic and monsters along the way.

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Really enjoyable game! I love the pixel graphics and in-game text too! Would love to hear some chiptune music in it :D


very adorable and imaginative, but seriously, add a checkpoint!

Hiya - is there any way to play this outside of the browser? My poor laptop can't handle it...

Unfortunately I don't think so; that's just sort of how Bitsy games are I'm afraid.


Bossfight's a tad frustrating, but otherwise the game is very cute, imaginative and fun