Elephantasy: Flipside v1.2 Update

Hey all! Another slightly larger round of bugfixes/patches in the wake of our release. A certain other gamedev and lime enthusiast decided to give the game a try and... oh boy, did she find things. Hopefully tomorrow won't have another one of these, but if it does, so be it.


  • Fixed bug where players could stand on items in Death's palace and swap them to gain infinite height. Now there's a delay before you can swap items again, which should stop this.
  • Fixed bug with in-game text hints not displaying the correct buttons sometimes after remapping. They should now be accurate.
  • Removed bug where players could spam-use the wand in corners to gain infinite height in some situations. Now the wand should only give you a height boost when you're on solid ground.
  • Removed extra Ore in the Highland Bandit Fort that would spawn after collecting the Gem. As nice as this was, it screws up the tallies for 100% completion, so it's been axed. This change should only affect new save games though, so if you're playing one from before this, hey, free ore.
  • Removed screenshake when props hit the ceiling of rooms. This would cause some situations where, if a prop got stuck up there, it would constantly be shaking the room.
  • Tweaked wall jumping so that it's impossible (or at least harder) to gain infinite height with corners or in 1x1 tile gaps. Other applications of wall jumping should be unchanged. Sorry Sylvie.
  • UPDATE: Fixed bug where a lost soul would reappear in a room after starting to follow the player, allowing them to amass multiple souls at once.
  • UPDATE: Tweaked height gain for summoning Polnareff the parrot; same height boost restrictions imposed as with the wand, as noted above.
  • UPDATE: Fixed a clip through the fence around the Palace of Death. This change should only affect new save games though, so if you're playing one from before this, there will be no changes to the affected room.
  • UPDATE: Added a button prompt for a special interaction with specific props and the Magnifying Lens. This should (hopefully) make this mechanic easier for new players to pick up on.


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Mar 01, 2023

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