Elephantasy: Flipside v1.3 Update

Hey all. Boy, the work sure never ends over here, huh? Just a few more bugfixes today, but they're fairly important so I figured I'd add them to a new update. As an aside, I added a few smaller bugfixes throughout the day yesterday to the v1.2 patchnotes, so if you're curious about any of those little updates, check there. Thank you all for your patience with Flipside, and I hope you're all still enjoying it!


  • Fixed bug with swapping/grabbing items in Death's Palace and the final area, where they could be collected when in proximity to the player regardless of their height differences. Now objects can only be swapped if they're close enough to the player's height.
  • Fixed bug where the game would hard lock and force a s&q if the map was opened while you were dying outside in the game world. Now the player's control should return normally when closing the map/respawning.
  • Fixed bug where respawning in certain rooms (particularly in the final area) would occasionally displace the player and cause them to fall out of bounds. This was due to differences in floor height and the expected respawn floor height. This should no longer happen, at least in this context.
  • Fixed bug where opening and closing the inventory precisely on a vertical room border would sometimes load the new room while not removing the old one, leading to two rooms being loaded on top of each other simultaneously. Now the game should only go through the motions of loading a room if the inventory is closed.
  • UPDATE: Fixed bug where the player would gain infinite height while trading gems/ore/items while small. Now they should only bounce while on the ground.
  •  UPDATE: Fixed bug where coyote time could be abused to jump infinitely. Coyote time should now behave itself.
  • UPDATE: Fixed bug where pausing and unpausing in some circumstances allowed players to dash on ice without upgraded boots.
  • UPDATE: Fixed typo in one of Ludos' hints. In his defense, he IS a dog.


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Mar 02, 2023

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