Elephantasy: Flipside v1.3.1 Update

Well, I guess you guys are lucky because you get TWO big-ish updates today! Earlier I released a patch to fix some issues with coyote time, and some of the new code was buggy and caused crashing. That has now been fixed, thankfully, along with a few QoL changes:


  • Fixed bug where the game would crash when it wasn't sure what you were standing on, causing it to throw a fit. 
  • Changed how the Whistle works. Normally, when using it, you can hold the jump button while flying to cycle through unlocked warps. Now, in addition to that, simply using the whistle while in a warp room will send you to the next one in the list, looping at the end.
  • Made the key in the mountain trading post come back if you enter the room and have no keys.
  • Changed the starting amount of green herbs in your satchel. Now players starting a new game will start with 3, not just 1, in order to offset accidental/experimental use and allow players to more easily complete the herb sidequest.


Elephantasy_Flipside_ITCH.zip 55 MB
Mar 02, 2023

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