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It's said that somewhere, in seas far from the eyes of men, lies a mysterious island linked to the land of the dead. Some tales say that this island is the last place souls see before moving on to the afterlife. But when a certain vacationing Elephant stumbles upon a way between worlds, will she unwittingly let something far more sinister slip through?


In Elephantasy: Flipside, you play as a tiny Elephant named Belle, who loves to collect shiny gems and magical items. Luckily for Belle (and you), there are a wide array of items to use around the game's world, some new and some familiar to veterans of the first Elephantasy game. You can shrink and grow at will, lift and hurl the heaviest weights, dash faster than ever before, or make objects float in mid-air. Runes can be deciphered, and uncharted depths delved, all with the greatest of ease! But gems aren't the only things to be collected; the island harbours many secrets and treasures, just waiting for an adventurer to find them! Discover lost souls in need of rescue, rare ores that can improve items, keys to open new paths, and much more! As more lost souls are saved, you'll be able to carry more items, and in turn, explore more of the world at your own pace. But be warned: danger lurks around every corner, and sometimes, things are not quite what they seem...



  • Over 150 collectibles to find!
  • Over 700 rooms (across 15 different areas) to explore!
  • 8 Items to use, upgrade, and enjoy!
  • Gorgeous isometric pixel art graphics!
  • Challenging platforming and puzzles!
  • Multiple endings!
  • Cheat codes to decrease difficulty/help with exploration!
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Tags2D, 3D, Colorful, Cute, elephant, Isometric, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Sandbox


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Fair warning, a user keeps making new accounts and copying other peoples game pages while uploading viruses to them. They've done this to us now twice and have now used one of your games. https://tanzago.itch.io/elephantasy

Duly noted! Thank you for letting me know!


Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!


Glad you enjoyed it!!!

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So after watching Sylvie's 2-item 100% challenge run, I decided to try a similar 1-item challenge run to see what the limits would be.

My initial expectations were low, so colour me surprised that I eventually managed to get all the way up to 91% completion!

(Note: The finale isn't completable within the rules of the challenge, so I did have to cheat a little to get my percentage score)

- - -

Here's the exact list of collectibles I wasn't able to get, as denoted in the checklist posted on Steam (Warning: Item location spoilers, of course):



Valley - Flooded Chamber

Underwater - Pot/Aquarium

Underwater - Shrink Cave Under Catfish w/ Octo

Castle - Moat Shrink Tunnel

Sewer - Caged Gem Wand/Switch Puzzle



Caves - Bomb Secret

Hymnir - Floating Platform From Below

Hymnir - Bomb Over Lava Secret



Sewers - Falling Pillar

??? - Above Crusher



Valley - Great Tree Top

Sewer - Shrink Secret Room



Upgraded Book


Nice! I was curious how much was possible with only one item.

Valley - Flooded Chamber should be possible by approaching from the mountain, but I can't think of how to do any of the others.

Right, I thought that gem was impossible since neither main entrance to the mountain is accessible while using the ring, but what you *can* do is go backwards from the exit that leads to Font. Didn't think of that since reaching Font was one of the last things I figured out.


Just started playing today, but a couple quick bits of feedback.

I find myself wanting to look at the map frequently, but it takes two separate button presses to get to it.  It would be nice if I could bind one keypress or button to go from game to map, and the same button brought me back from map to game.  (But maybe also is a design decision not to, to keep the player from using the map as too much of a crutch.)

Also, I maybe found a minor glitch: in the coastal waters, if I very slowly and carefully approached the screen transition edge, I could move to the next screen but maybe someone not be floating in the water yet, and my air meter counted down and then I died.  I could have just moved out of this state, I had to intentionally try to exploit existing on the very edge of the screen boundary to make this happen, but just FYI.

After a few more hours... I watched someone else, and in their playthrough (in an earlier game update), the 'Wall Jump' screen had a guy auto wall-jump spectacularly, whereas in my game he just bounces off the wall and runs off without jumping.  I only just figured out that I can wall jump with the dash boots, though I'm still unclear what button presses/timing trigger it.  Seems maybe some tutorialization is maybe broken/lacking now.

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The way I'd say to do it is to jump, then dash, then mash the jump button. I will say, the timing is pretty lenient after the initial jump; you just have to mash the jump button, not necessarily time it perfectly. The one NPC in particular who tells you how to do it is in the Wall Jump room. It shouldn't be any harder now than it was in previous updates, you just can't do it in 1x1 gaps anymore. I'll check the tutorial room though; I think I have an idea of what's causing that.

(1 edit)

...And now, after a pep talk and small hotfix update, they should be fixed and back to jumping properly.

Cool, he does his jumping again :)

And I realized the tutorial NPC, I only read his first batch of dialogue, talking a second time had the good stuff, which I had missed. 

Somehow I am still 6.4 hours into the game with zero souls recovered, but I have found a lot of collectables and checkpoints and secrets and whatnot... is fun to explore but I still feel like I'm missing some early linchpin that is maybe supposed to be obvious - there are so many things I could do if I could hold two items :)

Absolutely loved the game! Found sound bugs:

[Spoilers Below]
1. Between Cracked Brick and Conveyor Crossing (east of castle) there is a gap. Using this gap to transition screens soft-locks the game (you just keep falling).

2. This one is a doozy. [MEGA SPOILERS] After using the needle to bind [Spoiler], I called Polnareff and he flew me out of the room during the cutscene, which has put my game into a very glitched state. I no longer have any of the ghosts and I can equip the needle anywhere on the overworld. I do have all my other items though and a 8 carrying capacity. I can re-enter the fight though and win the fight instantly with the needle but even after that, I still have the same inventory bug. This has (from what I gather) also locked me out of ending #3 (I have the sword).

3. The runes in the Dream room tablet read SDIRE instead of SPIRE.

4. This one might not be a bug, but I have opened up all of the chests on the overworld and find myself locked out of acquiring Death's Key.

Again, I adore this game! Gonna try out the original Elephantasy next.


I don't think SDIRE is a typo, D and P just have the same rune.


I'll look into #1 and #2. If you can instantly win the fight, you should still be able to do Ending #3 if you talk to a certain skeleton with the sword and say no to him. Also, #3 is intentional (or at least not something I can fix without changing the font itself) and #4 is also intentional. Cheers!


...And issues 1 and 2 should now be patched out!


Wow so fast! Thank you!


I happened to be working on other fixes when I saw your comment, so it worked out nicely!

Hmm, I'm not totally convinced by the new tutorial change. It feels like it would've been obtrusive (and made for a worse first impression) if it was there in my initial exploration in my first playthrough, and on the flipside I'm not sure that every player who actually needs it will notice the significance of it.

I think my preferred solution for making the intro more understandable would be (if it's possible in the engine?) to have a small portion of the map leading up the the needle be automatically revealed from the start, with the needle room itself being marked (Ludos' hint could be altered to match with the change, too).

That way, people who're stuck would be easily able to see where to go, while anyone who wants to explore is free to check out everywhere else without repeated visual reminders of which way goes to progress.

If that's not enough the entrance to the needle room could be bigger too, it's a bit easy to miss with the perspective, for being the first required objective at least.

Thanks for the feedback! If I ever rework the tutorial again, I'll keep your thoughts in mind. As an aside, if you have any issues with gameplay (bugs, softlocks, and the like) feel free to report those here. However, I'd appreciate it if people didn't give me unsolicited feedback on my game, at least for the time being. 

UPDATE: I've now rolled back the tutorial changes and slightly tweaked the Needle Cave entrance for new saves. Cheers.


Thank you for the quick responses! I'd like to apologize if the initial comment there was hurtful in any way. I did 100% complete the game earlier today and this is definitely an excellent game overall!

I appreciate the apology, and the kind words. I think I've just been dealing with a lot of bugs and complaints over the past week and a half (probably more than I can reasonably handle as one developer), and today has been particularly rough. I'm glad you enjoyed the game though!


Really enjoying this game. I got one ending so far (not a happy one). The cheat codes are nice to have as an option, since I'm not any good at isometric platforming. 


Hi! I bought the game yesterday and I've been enjoying it so far. I do have some bugs to report:


1) Leaving the room in the early part of death's monologue after returning his head caused the cutscene to be cancelled, without the head reappearing in its original spot (similar to the previous bug - the save file fix thankfully worked for this bug as well).

2) Trying to complete the wall jump challenge in the room under where Delphi is frequently caused me to clip through the floor in the room above, placing me right next to Delphi. Not only does this let you reach Delphi excessively early, but it also makes collecting the ore the challenge is supposed to be for really annoying too.

I'll take a look at both of these! Thanks for the report!

(1 edit)

...And both of these should now be fixed going forward! The latter changes in the ruins will only affect new games (due to how saving rooms works) but any future playthroughs won't be able to skip straight to Delphis. As for the issue with Death, apparently I missed a line of code that removed them the second they saw their body when I was tweaking the despawning for update 1.3.2. Go figure!

Hi! I bought this game on Steam but am too dumb to progress. It's not that I haven't explored plenty and collected lots of gems, and unlocked all sorts of doors--it's that I can't find the [SPOILER] underworld area that is mentioned in the game manual, and am totally stuck. Using cheats has not helped me find this area either! Any pointers?

(1 edit)

Hi! To get to the [SPOILERS] Underworld, you’ll have to do two things: firstly, you’ll have to climb up the cliff behind the Beacon/Lighthouse (go up/left) and find the Needle (which is in a cave in the cliff face up there). After that, you just have to enter the lighthouse with the needle, and a portal to the Underworld will be there! [SPOILERS]

If you want a smaller hint, talk to Ludos, the lighthouse keeper dog, a few times. He’ll generally direct you toward your main objectives in this portion of the game, and even after this he can give hints, as well as other flavour text. I’m sorry for getting you stuck in my game, and I hope this helps!


Thanks for the tip! I've been up to those cliffs multiple times, but must have missed the cave. And no worries-- I'm sure it's my fault. Most of the Steam reviews talk about the [SPOILERS] Underworld, so I'm sure it's just me : )

For what it's worth, I finally found the cave, after playing another thirty minutes walking back and forth along the cliff face. I think it's a bit hard to tell anything is there since it's all just kinda grey, you know?


That's a fair critique, I think. Duly noted!

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Hello! I've been having blast with the game so far!

Just wanted to let you know about a bug I found? If you pause right as the screen transitions you get trapped in what appears to be a combination of both rooms!

Edit: Upon further testing, this seems to be possible any time you enter a room from below! :)

Noted! Expect a patch in the near future! Thank you for letting me know!

Just FYI, this should now be patched!


Also I encounter something else and I'm not sure if it's a bug. I accidentally brought Death the wrong way in the last area, and they disappeared and didn't respawn in the gaol. I'm worried because I think maybe they are supposed to "activate" the special item I found (which has a question mark next to it in the inventory)? Is that behavior intended, or am I maybe missing something?

Yep, that's a bug! I actually patched it out this morning in a 1.3.2 patch, but that patch will only affects saves that haven't caused him to disappear yet. That said, the patchnotes also describe how you can reset the Gaol room to fix things, so I'd say to first download the latest update, and then try the method described there. If you have downloaded version 1.3.2 and had this issue anyway, let me know, because that's an issue!


The fix worked! Thanks for the response!

This looks really good! Any chance of a Mac build?

Unfortunately not at the present! There's always a chance sometime down the line, but I wouldn't wait for it. I'm sorry!

Ah okay, thanks anyway! Is there some kind of demo I could use to see if it works in Wine?

The reason I ask is, I saw a mention somewhere that it doesn't have gamepad controls, only keyboard. My only Windows game computer is hooked up to a TV, where I can't play games using a keyboard. My laptop is a Mac, so I'm trying to see if there's a way I can get it running on that.

It does actually have gamepad support! Xbox controllers should be supported (with button remapping too!), so that would probably work if you're using one. Of course, if it doesn't work I'd also be happy to reimburse you or something for the trouble.


Oh, that's great! I'll give that a try then, thank you!

No problem! And do let me know if you have any issues!


Love this game; it feels like a really nice mix of Solstice for NES mixed with Link to the Past. Is there a discord for it? Would love to learn more about this game. 

No discord currently, but if there’s enough interest I could be persuaded to start one!

Deleted 77 days ago

I just play my itch copy from steam,

Add non steam at the bottom of library page

Hi! I'm not quite sure what you mean by this; is there a problem with your copy of the game?

Or do you just mean that I should add "non Steam" to the itch.io version of the executable to avoid confusion with version available on Steam?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this and I'm sorry if it's not. I got into this room where it was all dark somehow. The room was called 'Separated' I'm not sure if it is a glitch or intentional. But thought I better let you know just in case.

Hi! Do you know how you got into said room? Like, could you describe to me what you were doing? It might help me, if it was a bug! Thank you for reporting this regardless!

Of course I was in a room in the underworld with treadmills. I had the Liftoff cheat enabled and the boots equipped, it just then seemed to go to this mysterious dark room. It then looped the screen raising. As it was soft locked I had to exit to the menu to fix it. I hope that helps! 

Interesting... You got out of bounds somehow! Ideally you should just die and go back to whatever room you were previously in, but I guess it just decided to eat you for whatever reason! I'll look into it! Thank you!


No problem, happy to help. Congratulations on the release too, looking forward to playing more!

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In case you didn't yet track down this issue, it's in the room Hurry Up. If you hit the ceiling you end up in a room titled "Separated" but with nothing but darkness. It seems you must quit and reload the game to escape.