Elephantasy: Flipside v1.3.2 Update

Hey gang! Not a ton to report today, but I have one major bug and a few minor tweaks to address. Also, if you downloaded the game/updates yesterday and found your game crashing, that has been fixed as of last night, though you'll have to download the latest version for those fixes to take effect. Thank you all so much for your patience and goodwill, and I hope you continue to enjoy Flipside!


  • Fixed bug where a certain NPC would disappear forever if you went the wrong way in the final area. They should now reappear where you first found them if you lead them astray. That said, any save files that previously encountered this may be stuck without the NPC in question. If this has happened to you, I've included a detailed description of how to fix this for yourself below.
  • Fixed height for plucking Daikon being inconsistent with their height.
  • Tweaked the room Burning Steel to (hopefully) make the puzzle solution more apparent. This change will only affect new save files.
  • UPDATE: Fixed bug with 100% where it gave the wrong message in the final score wrap-up. Now the game always gives the correct text.
  • UPDATE: Fixed bug where picking up a prop on a room transition would sometimes crash the game.

To fix the NPC not respawning if you have already removed them from your game:

  1. Locate your game save. This should be in your local appdata folder on your computer.
  2. Open the "Elephantasy_Flipside_ITCH" folder, and find the folder labelled "rooms_default". Also find the folder labelled "rooms" in your save data.
  3. Open "rooms_default" and find a file labelled "roomdata-6,0,-22.ini". Copy that folder to the "rooms" folder in your save data. This will effectively reset the room's state, allowing you to access the NPC again.
  4. In your save data, open "gamedata.ini" in a text editor (notepad is okay). Find the entry labelled "keys" and add one to the corresponding number. This will let you open up the lock in the room where the NPC is trapped without using up a key. If you have Death's Key, you can skip this step.
  5. In "gamedata.ini", also find the entry labelled "itemmax". If this number is greater than the number of ghosts you've collected plus one, set it to the number of ghosts you've collected plus one. For instance, if you have 5 ghosts, and your "itemmax" says 7, set it to 6.


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Mar 03, 2023

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