Update #3.3: Midnight Oil Burning Bugfixes

Okay! Spent the latter part of yesterday/last night working on some bugfixes for the game, which I think have ironed out some of the remaining bugs that were plaguing it. Hopefully people haven't had a ton of issues with these!

  • Fixed the bug with forms not adding to the "Final Collection" total, AGAIN. Turns out I hadn't applied the fix for it last time (see update 2.5) to when you inspect the player character to get the Wizard form. Whoops!
  • Fixed a bug where if you hadn't unlocked the Wizard form but had switched hats in the Changing Room, the hat would appear on top of the relevant '?' icon in the Forms Menu anyway.
  • Fixed a bug where inspecting the "shadow" NPCs in the final area would give completely black text on a black background, thus making the text unreadable. The text is now white so that it actually shows up.
  • Fixed (hopefully) a bug where the player could move in the final boss fight even after I had specifically changed it so that they couldn't move in the boss fight (again, see update 2.5)! Changed a variable so that now the player can't move regardless of outside factors, such as pausing and unpausing (which would previously let them move temporarily if done in rapid succession and while holding the move button during the fight).

Also, a huge huge thank you to everyone who downloaded the game while it was up for free in April! We ended up with just over 2600 downloads, which is staggering to me! You're all incredible, and I hope to have more fun games for you in the future, as well as maybe more updates for Polymute! We'll see.


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May 23, 2020

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