Update #3.5/Temporary Removal

EDIT: The issue should now be resolved, and the game is once again able to be downloaded! If you encounter an issue with Polymute's executable being flagged as malware, please download the latest version of the game (created 5/3/21 or later). If the problem persists, please contact the developer at the email/twitter listed below! Thank you!

Hey all! Just a few notes about the most recent update to Polymute on the 24th!

Firstly, the update was supposed to improve performance on newer versions of Windows 10 due to a quirk in the engine I used to develop it (Game Maker Studio 1.4.9).

However, since then I have been informed that the game executable is potentially hosting malware/a trojan virus; I'm currently not sure how this happened, but I have temporarily stopped downloads on itch, and will continue to do so until I'm reasonably sure I'm not distributing malware. At the time of posting this (5/3/21), I'm reasonably sure that none of my other games have been affected by this, but if anyone has encountered any issues with any of the other .exes, please let me know ASAP!

If anyone has had issues with the aforementioned malware, I am extremely sorry. Right now this is my livelihood, and I would never intentionally jeopardize that by distributing malicious software. Feel free to reach out to me via email (linkerbm@gmail.com) or via twitter DMs (@linkerbm), and I can refund your copies of the game/gift you copies of my other games to make up for this.

Best wishes,


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