Post-Launch Update/Patch Notes

EDIT: Apparently the update is NOT safe for save data; download at your own risk, or wait until starting a new game to download. Players starting the game for the first time after this update should be fine, however.

Hey all,

Just wanted to thank everyone who's downloaded Elephantasy over the past few days! It's been an amazing launch, and I really appreciate all of the kind words and good reviews!

With that being said, a small update is being released tonight for Elephantasy, in order to make 100%-ing it a bit easier to understand/figure out. Hopefully this will help folks find some of the hidden areas in the game's world, and to collect all the gems! In order for the update to take effect, you'll have to download the latest version manually and delete the old .exe; however, this shouldn't affect save data, so I'd recommend it if you intend to find everything in the game!


Elephantasy v1.1:

- Added a hint for finding the secret areas in the game, and by extension collecting all of the gems. The hint can be found in the Ice Palace, though I won't say where exactly.

-Fixed(?) a bug where player control would be lost going down ladders in specific circumstances. The issue shouldn't be happening anymore, but if encountered, please take pictures if possible & notify me ASAP!


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Dec 09, 2020

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looks nice :) I do sfx and music, if you want I can make music for the game if you like :D

hmm, downloading that and replacing my exe kept my player data the same, like the gem count and abilities and stuff... but it respawned some of the keys and gems and locks and bosses! Not a huge problem for me because i already have the lion key, but kinda wild. I should have made a backup first! 

also still getting stuck on this ladder and also this snowman doesnt say anything anymore and also this block is no longer solid?

i dont mean to stress you out about all this, but figured you may want to know as soon as possible. 


ye this screen seems like... corrupted, this block isnt solid and part of the gate is gone, definitely dont just replace the exe on extraction. Maybe i should have deleted and then extracted instead.

Oof, okay, lots to do on my end then! I guess it ISN'T safe for save data. Good to know. I don't think you did anything wrong; I think I may have flubbed something with the update if it's causing issues like things vanishing and data being reset. The ladder thing seems like another issue to me, though. Can you describe what you were doing when you got stuck?


just trying to dismount the ladder to the left, I think maybe i pressed left before i was fully up the ladder? It's happened a couple times in that specific spot before the update as well, so that's probably a good place to try to recreate it.