Elephantasy v1.8.6 Update

Hey all! Long time no talk!

I've recently released a sequel/spinoff to Elephantasy that I highly encourage folks to check out if they like my games. It's fairly different, but also fun in its own way, I think. That said, there's been a bit of interest in the original game because of this, leading to this bugfix. Might be a bit too little too late in some respects, but I think it's still important to sort this stuff out. Cheers!

Elephantasy v1.8.6:

- Fixed a bug in the Ice Master fight where his fists would fly offscreen and despawn, leading to a crash. His fists should now no longer despawn offscreen, dodging this issue.


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Mar 09, 2023

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Thanks for the continual support on your older games! This one, and Polymute, are truly some of my favorites that I recommend to others whenever I can.

Any chance we'll ever get a follow-up to Polymute?

Keep up the great work!

I think never say never, but at this point I'm fairly happy with leaving Polymute be. I may go back to it sometime though!