Elephantasy v1.8.7 Update

Hi gang,

Here's a minor update for you all today! Got a bug report regarding some saving issues a player was having, which just goes to show how sometimes gamedevs can't think of every situation players may get themselves into. This is mostly an update directed at the Steam version of the game, but it should also help in the event of unexpected crashes, etc. here.

In any case, I hope this helps people! Enjoy!

Elephantasy v1.8.7:

- Changed how saving works; previously, when closing the game, the program would tally any gem/key collection at one time, and save it to the game's files; this was done to (hopefully) help performance. However, if the game closed in an unexpected way, this saving would sometimes not trigger, which lead to progress being lost, and/or collected gems/keys being removed from the world forever. To circumvent this, item collection is now also
saved at the same time that the items are collected. In hindsight, this seems like what I should have done anyway, but I guess I didn't. Go figure!


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May 26, 2023

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