Elephantasy on Sale for the Holidays!

Hey all! Elephantasy is currently on sale with one of my other games, Polymute, for the 2020 Holidays! You can pick it up now for 40% off until the end of the month, or get it in a bundle with Polymute to get both games! This is a great opportunity to get the game if you've been waiting to do so, but haven't had the time/money!


Elephantasy Release Build_Itch.zip 33 MB
Dec 10, 2020

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Not a huge deal, cuz I'll probably buy this cute game anyways, but have you thought about adding a steam key to the itch purchase?

That's not a bad idea actually! I'll see what I can do!


I see it now comes with a steam key, thanks for doing that! I'll have to leave a review once I start playing :)